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IMPORTANT: If you are or have been certified by ONCC, are or have been a member of ONS, or transacted business with ONCC or ONS, you have a record in our database. Please use your existing Profile to log in. Please do not create a new Profile, as this will create a duplicate record and may delay your application. Please call ONCC customer service at 877-769-6622 for assistance.

The ONCC Online Registration System uses the Profile for user authentication. In an effort to make the online registration system easy to use for ONCC certification candidates and ONS members, both organizations use the same Profile to verify and update user information based on a single source. Your Profile is your online identity used by ONCC, ONS and its affiliates. Your Profile is used to uniquely identify you and your records with ONCC, consequently, never share your Profile with anyone. Please note that any time you update your Profile in this system, your record will be modified with both ONCC and ONS.

By logging into the Profile, you can be sure that the information entered into this application will be securely transmitted and stored. The Profile also allows your online application to retrieve information stored at ONCC and to pre-fill much of the application for you. Visit the Profile to update your personal information or to find out more about the Profile.

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